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It is a community to aware and make people intrested in the field of technology and education.A well recognized and registered organisation with a mission of spreading knowledge on different technology like AI ,IOT and DATA SCIENCE , To improve the skills and knowledge of student for the better future.
It's works many field of development and education and as well as in field of reserch.Lenskills works on different latest technology for product development.


Sprade knowledge and awareness on latest technology like AI , DATA SCIENCE , Iot and many more and develop products using these technology.


LenSkills will lead the way to the future of technology ,education, and Development.


Education and Development is passion of LenSkills.

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise,
of progress, in every society, in every family.

- Kofi Annan -

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Web Development

We Develop Full stack website as per client requirement on the different language & frameworks.

Mobile App development

We develop mobile application as per client requirement for android and ios mobiles.

Traning & Development education

We gives the traning and development education for the school and colleges student and make aware with the latest technology.

Product Development

We develop products as per the need of society problems, and provides the product as per needs.

R&D Projects

Our Reserch and development team works on latest technology like Iot , AI, Data science.

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In our team all member are passionate about worrk that they will work.In our team developers, researcher ,and they are well knowledged in latest technology.

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We provides blogs on different latest technology and sparde knowledge in our blogs.

7 ways the Internet of Things can help end world hunger

World hunger has existed for centuries. It persists despite the elimination of apparent catalysts such as food production challenges. The phrase, “trying to solve world hunger,” has become shorthand to indicate any problem that seems insurmountable.

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Digital twins can be the intelligent edge for IoT

If you are involved with IoT, you have witnessed a surge of activity around the idea of digital twin. The digital twin concept is not a new one — the term has been around since 2003, and you can see an example use in NASA’.

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